Field Kitchen K120 Series
120 quart storage volume. Formed aluminum and plywood, natural

The Field Kitchen is a container which stores a camping stove and cookware. It provides also a working platform. Together with the Field Pantry and available accessories, like an Ice box it can be transformed into a complete kitchen system.

It is made of deep drawn marine-quality aluminum panels for light weight and high impact strength. The combination with organic materials (Baltic birch plywood panels) gives it a unique look and feel, fitting the outdoors. When put on its legs it becomes a free standing unit. The strong aluminum top lid can be folded back and gives access to the cooking area. It serves also as an extra wind screen and can be removed for utilization as serving tray. The silverware drawer, shelves and dividers for storing the cookware items are dimensioned to fit most available light weight cookware.



Field Kitchen vacant shown with side shelves and hanging bracket (not included)
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Field Kitchen K120, vacant

. Furnish it yourself with your favorite cookware.

Most 2-burner stoves and some 3-burner stoves will fit. Included are a leg set with bag, side shelves, silver ware drawer, 4 double wall mugs and a matt set.

Please specify desired location for fuel access. We will gladly integrate a 2.5 inch knockout, protected by a cap on the left or right hand side panels.


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Field Kitchen K120P, with propane stove
Includes industry toughest 2-burner stove from Partner Steel Co. The 2-burners deliver 10,000 BTU each. This extra wide (22 inch) stove is mounted with a thumb screw to the top shelf.



K120PF fully furnished

Includes stove, quality complete cookware set. You save time and money, compared to individual compilation of the same items.

  • Portable and Easy to Handle: compact and lightweight, two  easy to grab handles with rubber over molds.
    Exceptional Layout :  logical organization of features means the kitchen is fully outfitted and ready to go when you are.
    Extreme Weather Use: withstands operation in extreme weather conditions, like strong gusty winds. Its recessed cooking area and the tilted back top lid (which steers the wind downwards) provide outstanding wind protection, and when the wind direction is changing the front door can be closed as well to provide all-around protection.
    Rock Steady:  very stable freestanding system due to its enlarged foot print area with optional legs. Food preparation procedures, like cutting meat or bread, will not affect stability of the unit.
    Ultra-Fast Set-Up: ready to use in less than a minute.  
    Ergonomic Work Surfaces:  The optional side shelves are ideal for a standing person and the fold down table (camping table height of 26” with long leg set), perfect for a sitting person.
    Premium Industrial Design:  the combination of formed aluminum panels (strength) with birch plywood (environmental harmony) make the kitchen the perfect balance of form and function.
    Very durably construction, so we offer Life time warranty


MORE: Removable top lid can be used as serving tray | Balanced interior layout will complement most cookware sizes | Moving the unit around is a snap. The removable legs are held in place by stainless steel friction springs. | Double layered corner design provide extra impact resistance | Mil spec style continuous hinge, provides a strong link to fold down table | Strategically placed corner braces provide extra stability under most extreme conditions, so the unit will always be structural intact.