Field Pantry
120 quart storage, bear-safe approved, Aluminum and ABS laminated plywood (olive)
The Field Pantry is a container for storage of staple food items and supplies. Together with the Field Kitchen and the Ice box or portable fridge it is an essential part of a complete outdoor kitchen system. It is made of deep drawn marine-quality aluminum panels for light weight and high structural strength. ABS-laminated Baltic birch plywood panels provide desired exterior strength, while the clearcoated Birch plywood interior gives it a unique look and feel, fitting the outdoors. When put on its optional legs it becomes a free standing unit. The spice drawer, shelves and dividers for storing the food items and supplies are dimensioned to fit most commercially available items. Optional accessories expand the possibilities for this product.


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color options bear safe decal
Certified bear resistant food storage container for commercial use,
by USDA (United States Depertment of Agriculture) Forest Service. IGBC decal #3537A
  • Bear safe
  • ABS laminated Baltic birch plywood panels
  • Marine-grade aluminum panels engineered for impact resistance and rigidity
  • Compact and light weight, for easy handling
  • Free standing, stabile setup on optional legs
  • Front door panel doubles as work surface
  • Balanced interior layout complements most staple food package sizes
  • Large spice drawer and rubber mat set included.
  • Pad lockable rotating latches
  • Includes rigging points for wall mount or pack saddle utility


  • Additional accessories expand possible uses
  • Life time product