The KANZ Field Power Desk™ is a compact, mobile, free standing desk unit with integrated power packs, solar panels and charging provisions for various electronic devices.

This unit is based on the established Field Kitchen footprint. It houses the latest GoalZero®, high efficiency Lithium Iron batteries, solar panels and a flexible desktop light. A dedicated charging drawer can be pulled out for easy access to the recessed charging strip and stored away to make room for the desktop. The internal charging strip provides 12V and 5V outputs for various electronic devices. We decided to stay true to the GoalZero conventions for the choice of connector standards. The external, terminal cup house a 15V, 6.0 mm barrel input, and 12V 6mm barrel output connector. These connectors are flexible and recessed inside the terminal cup to prevent them from getting damaged during transport and employment in the field. A variety of adaptors and chargers are included.

Placed on its legs (included), it transforms into a free-standing desk unit. The Baltic birch interior is encased in a marine grade aluminum housing. Powder coated end cups provide extra protection and add to the high aesthetics of the product. The internal structure encloses feed troughs for wire routing. The drawers make the storage or installation of electronic devices easy. DIN size radios are a perfect fit. Modern internet satellite routers like the Hughes 9202 will fit in a additional drawer above the charging tray. The devices can be charged during transport from a vehicle 12V cigarette outlet.

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Field Power Desk 200
The two built-in 200Watt/hours GoalZero Sherpa 100 power packs deliver 6 hours of extra life for your laptop and even more for your camera, video, and portable DVD player. Two included mono-crystalline 20W solar panel recharge your power packs in 5 hours of full sun. This is the most dependable version. The extra power reserve might come in handy when the Field Power Desk is put to hard use.


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  • • Compact and light weight, for ease of handling, employment and storage.
  • • Integrated lithium-iron power packs provide up to 200 Watt-hours of energy.
  • • Storage space for up to three designated 20 Watt solar panels.
  • • Internal charging drawer with 12V and 5V outlets for devices.
  • • Recessed exterior input/output panel protects connector from damage.
  • • High aesthetic, premium industrial design.
  • • Laminated plywood front door panel doubles as desk top with extension.
  • • Interior layout will complement many electronic devices and desk supplies.
  • • Detachable aluminum lid provides space for whiteboard.
  • • Free standing setup as full desk with included leg set and table extension.
  • • Ultra fast setup within minutes.
  • • Very durable construction - life time warranty for enclosure.
  • • Made in the USA. Hand assemblied by master craftsmen in Los Angeles, California.